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Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

Stenotaphrum secundatum 'SS100'

The Facts

Colour Emerald green
Sun vs Shade? Full sun & full shade
Leaf Shape ? Broad & flat
Drought Tolerance ? Yes – warm season lawn
Runners ? Above the ground
Root System ? Medium – 8 to 10 cm
Self Repairing ? Yes
Mowing Height ? Medium to high

Premium Very Soft Leaf, Shade Tolerant Grass, Eye Catching Buffalo

Outstanding Emerald Green Colour

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo has great dark emerald colour.


Soft Leaf

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo has a very soft leaf as it does not have any scratchy barbs down the leaf.


Winter Colour

With Melbourne's cold winters, all warm season grasses will loose colour, due to the lack of sunshine and frosts.  In colder areas of Australia, all buffalos will become yellow/brown over winter, resulted from the frosts burning the turf's leaves. If you do get a heavy frost you can help to stop it from burning the lawn by giving a quick water in the morning to wash the ice off the leaves.


Great Shade Tolerance

Although Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo loves a full sun position, it thrives in shaded areas.  Palmetto only requires 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight, in areas that have little traffic.


Less Mowing

Palmetto Buffalo prefers to grow across the ground, rather than upwards, therefore reducing the amount of mowing required. Mow your Palmetto lawn every 7 to 10 days in summer. The Palmetto likes a longer leaf, so leave 30-40mm in sunny areas, increasing to up to 60mm in heavy shaded areas. If the Palmetto buffalo is  mowed too short and then becomes stressed, it will produce a seed head. If this is the case, reduce the mowing and increase the watering.


Drought Resistant

With Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo's deep root system, makes this turf drought resistant. You are better to water infrequently, but deeply to promote deep root system.  Therefore in summer, give your lawn a good water weekly.


Great at Out-competing Weeds

Once Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is well established, it't dense growth makes it hard for weeds to establish. Broadleaf sprays control clover, bindi and broadleaf weeds and should be applied before flowering at the end of July as a preventative. Buffalo requires a weedicide registered for its specific use. DO NOT use products containing dicamba on buffalo. Use Broadleaf Herbicide containing MCPA.  Wintergrass Control apply annually between April and August.

Watch a Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08lVHpXQ-TU&feature=related


Low Allergenic

Unlike most other buffalos, Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo rearly produces seed heads, which can cause allergies. Although Buffalos will produce a seed head annually, it can also be a sign of your lawn becoming stressed. Please mow the lawn at a heigher setting and water more frequently.


Good Wear Recovery

As the Palmetto Buffalo has good growth across the ground, it provides good recovery from wear.


Disease and Pest Tolerance

Palmetto soft Leaf Buffalo has good tolerance to diseases and more resistant to pests such as lawn grub.


Feeding your lawn.

Just like you, your Palmetto Buffalo needs to be feed. Use a complete fertiliser in early April and mid September. At other times of the year use a slow release fertiliser. If you need a quick green up, use a fertiliser high in nitrogen to promote a lush green lawn. In heat of summer avoid over fertilising or using manure based products.


#1 Selling Brand of Buffalo in the world

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is the largest selling brand of Buffalo in the world.


For more extensive information go to www.palmetto.com.au